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A Taste of “Oysters of Yiddish Song”: The New Yiddish Song Book Project - Sunday, February 7 at 2 PM over Zoom

A showcase of contemporary Yiddish songs, featuring songwriters who will be part of a forthcoming collection: the first songbook to present the fruits of the last forty years of Yiddish cultural revitalization!  Five composer/musicians will present their work in conversation with the songbook's editors, Yiddish composers and cultural creatives Rosza Daniel Lang/Levitsky, Adah Hetko and Zoë Aqua.  This tasting menu of music will span styles and genres from folk song to cabaret to liturgical music to protest anthem, illustrating the vast range of contemporary Yiddish song. The collection highlights, in particular, the important contributions of women (trans and cis) and nonbinary artists in the recent flourishing of new Yiddish song.  Its title is a tribute to the groundbreaking Yiddish song collection "Pearls of Yiddish Song", edited by Eleanor and Joseph Mlotek, and a pun on the Yiddish words for "treasure" (oytser) and "strange/queer" ("oysterlish").

Zoom information will be provided upon RSVP.

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Wed, December 7 2022 13 Kislev 5783