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Proxy for CBE Annual Meeting - wednesday, June 3, 2020 at 7 pm

Every member of the Congregation is entitled to vote by proxy on any matter on which such member is entitled to vote at the Annual Meeting of the Congregation. To be valid, a proxy must be executed in writing by the member conferring the same and shall not be given to any person other than a member of the Congregation. No proxy shall be valid after the expiration of 11 months from the date of its execution. Every proxy shall be revocable at the pleasure of the member executing it.

The undersigned, a member of Congregation Beth Elohim, hereby designates Rob Raich (President) or Tomer Inbar (Secretary), being a member in good standing of the Congregation, as my duly authorized proxy and attorney in fact to cast a vote on my behalf at the Annual Meeting of the Congregation to be held on Wednesday, June 3, 2020, and any and all adjournments thereof as indicated below and to cast a vote on my behalf on any and all other matters that may properly come before the Annual Meeting as such proxy may decide in their sole discretion.

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Proposed Trustees

Robin Baker*
Jennifer Ford
Gale Kaufman
Leslie Lewin*
Danielle Mindlin
Lou Mintz
Jonathan Rosen

*New Board Candidate
Proposed Officers

Rob Raich: President
Jennifer Ford: Executive Vice President
John Horowitz: Vice President
Lisa Lieberman: Vice President
Louis Mintz: Vice President
Jack Frishberg: Treasurer
Tomer Inbar: Secretary
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Sat, October 23 2021 17 Cheshvan 5782